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November 2010



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lanofaylin in universalpie

Edgumacationals for the Energy Minded

I had an epihany of sorts (basically things clicking into place) that brought me to an understanding and I thought I would share the understanding as well as how it applies to me.

Quick Run Down Before I start blathering here are the seven basic Chakras (we have many more and layers inbetween some of these but basic is where we are at right now...k?)

Crown Chakra/ located at the top of your head/ color: purple
Third Eye Chakra/ located on your brow/ color: Indigo (dark bluish purpley)
Throat Chakra/ located YUP! you guessed it at your throat/ Color: Blue
Heart Chakra/ located in your chest/ Color: Green (traditionally but can be pink)
Sloar Plexus Chakra / located at your diaphram/ color: Yellow
Scaral Chakra/ located in your lower abdomen just above/inbetween the pubic bone/ Color: Orange
Root Charka/ located at your tailbone/baseof your spine/ (think taint)/ Color: Red

Okay so we have that out of the way so now you will know a bit more of what I'm talking about.

Okay so your Higher Self which is ruled by the crown, third eye and throat Chakras represents your higher self. Most importantly your Spiritual self, how you connect with God, the earth, the universe, whatever. It is also you intellect and speech centers; how you think and how vocal you are about things. Ya with me so far? K.

Your lower self ruled by your Sloar Plexus, Scaral, and Root chakras represent your lower self which I'm calling your "earthly" or "worldy" self. Your sex drive, eating habits, needs, basically your base and prmial instincts, reproduction.

Then you have the heart charka which bridges the higher and lower selves together. Making a person whole and balanced when all is in agreement. Here is where my probelm has been coming from for the past couple of week. No one is in agreement. There are people out there who align their higher and lower selves together pretty well. My higher and lower selves are two. different. people. and both are fighting for control. At this moment since I'm putting this into words, my higher self is winning. I want my higher self to win. It's calm and happy and full of positive energy, but my lower self is wanting to fear and panic and be angry. I think it may be time for a table ride because this is really getting confusing. I'm not exactly sure what my solution will be, but at least now I know the problem and can work on a treaty between the higher and lower selves.