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A Time to Heal

A Time To Heal
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Healing and Prayer for All
This community is open to anyone in need. I am a Reiki practicioner using a Chrstian based Reiki system. But welcome people of any religion or no religion at all. This is not a place to try to convert anyone. I expect that anyone here be respectful of everyone elses beliefes. This is a place of harmony and peace. A place of healing and prayer. A place to come toghether and share knowledge of spiritual and alternative healing methods and personal revelations about the greater good and greater truth.

Please understand I am not a Dr. and nothing takes the place of a Dr.'s treatment. Reiki is the theory of using the energy that surrounds us to balance and heal. And using a Christian based Reiki program believe that healing takes place with energy through God. I will be more than happy to pray for and send energy to anyone, but you must be open to receive it.

So please, join, post, share, teach. Maybe we can all start generating engough positve energy to heal the world.